How do I advertise on a MiBlackBox?

So if you want to advertise on a MiBlackBox Digital Sign it’s easy and very reasonable. Check out the prices below:

advertise cost

All you need to do is:

  1. Select the MiBlackBox
  2. Select the Duration
  3. Pay the Total Cost online via the MiBlackBox website.
  4. Upload your advert

You advert will need to be approved by the MiBlackBox Digital Sign owner – then once approved it will be visible to hundreds of new potential customers.

I want to advertise on a MiBlackBox.

Can you help me with my graphics?

Of course we can.

We can help you get up and running within 48 hours by letting our design team create your advert / graphics for you. Prices range from US$49 – $99 per advert.

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What happens once the duration has finished?

Prior to your advert expiring you will receive an email notification informing you and offering you the chance to extend / continue advertising – it’s so simple.

What are the requirements of the advert?

Of course different digital signs can vary but typically you just need to provide a jpeg or pdf 1920 x 1080 – and if you have any questions or want help please just contact us

Who get's this money?

The MiBlackBox Digital Sign solution is unique – as the advertising revenue goes to the owner of the Digital Sign not us (well we do get a small transaction fee).

We do take the Total Fee upfront, but every month we then forward the monthly revenue to the MiBlackBox Digital Sign owner… providing protection to you as the Advertiser.