How does the MiBlackBox Digitial Sign solution work?

Flat screen televisions are getting cheaper everyday and a Digital Sign is a great way to communicate to a wide audience…. but how do you get the flat screen to easily show your digital content?


The MiBlackBox solution

The MiBlackBox solution provides the affordable and simple solution. The solution is in 3 parts:

  • MiBlackBox hardware
  • MiBlackBox online dashboard
  • MiBlackBox subscription (incl. a free version :-) )

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What is the hardware?

The MiBlackBox hardware is a low powered computer that is pre-configured, so as soon as you power it up displays your simple hardware Control Panel. Using the supplied wireless mouse with a single mouse click you can start displaying your content. Once you’ve configured a few settings you should never need to touch the MiBlackBox again… the only thing you’ll ever need to do is remember to switch your TV on / off everyday.

What can i do from the MiBlackBox hardware Control Panel?

From the hardware Control Panel you can:

  • set up your wireless connection
  • start your ads
  • point the MiBlackBox to a different online dashboard (although your MiBlackBox will be automatically configured to point to it’s unique dashboard)
  • Set the 24 reset time – the MiBlackBox automatically re-boots every 24 hrs – allowing it to automatically refresh the latest content from your online dashboard
  • Toggle Auto Start for ads on / off – this means when the re-boot occurs it will automatically show your ads instead of loading the Control Panel… allowing for the MiBlackBox to just happily run.

So exactly what hardware do I get when I purchase the MiBlackBox solution?

MiBlackBox hardware

The hardware kit includes everything you’ll need:

  • MiBlackBox (pre-configured)
  • Power Supply(specify type at checkout)
  • HDMI cable (1m)
  • Mouse (wireless)
  • USB Wifi Dongle
  • Adhesive velcro tabs (to fix to the back of your screen out of sight)

All you need to supply is the internet connection (Wifi or LAN) and the TV screen!

MiBlackBox online dashboard

MiBlackBox online dashboard

What is the online dashboard?

The MiBlackBox online dashboard is a simple to use portal that allows you manage your Digital Sign remotely.

What can i do from the MiBlackBox online dashboard?

From the online dashboard you can:

  • upload your adverts
  • use the in-built basic editor to create your own basic ads
  • manage the order the adverts are displayed
  • manage your ads start and end date
  • upgrade your account to allow us to manage your fee paying ads

Check out ‘multiple blackbox’ page so see additional functionality available to Super Users when you have multiple MiBlackBox

So how do i get access to the MiBlackBox online dashboard?

When you purchase your MiBlackBox solution you’ll be given a unique passcode that will allow you to create your dedicated online dashboard


Upgrade or cancel at any time – no commitment necessary

By purchasing a MiBlackBox solution from us you will get everything you need to display and manage the adverts on your Flat Screen television and we can even help you re-sell your advertising space and also help you with your graphics.

So what are you waiting for?

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